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5 Best Heated Vests for Hunting to Keep Warm All the Time

Hunting can take you to different places around the world. Sometimes you might end up in the chilly places where hunting can be fun, but the weather is not the best. So, what is the solution to such a chilly weather? In such a case, you will need to get yourself the best heated vest for hunting.

The heated vests do not have to be used when hunting only. Because of their functionality, these vests can also be used as casual wear. Some will wear them when they go to check out a football match, skiing, hiking, and many other applications.

Heated VestBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
PROSmart Heated Vest Polar Fleece for Men and Women Check Price
ARRIS Heated Vest Size Adjustable Vest for Hiking Check Price
ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest Check Price
PKSTONE Heated Vest with USB Charging Check Price
Fushionsea Electric Heated Jacket for Men and Vest Check Price

How to Choose the Best Heated Vest for Hunting


The durability will depend on the material and craftsmanship of the manufacturer. There are times when you get some models lasting for a few months while others for months or years without a problem.

The most common materials used to make the heated vests include polyester, memory cotton, and Lycra. Look at the materials to see if they are good for durability and comfort. As much as you want the best heated vest for hunting to be durable, it should also be comfortable.

Heating Panels

The heating panels are important to determine if they will be adequate in providing the best warmth that you need.

Depending on the vest construction, there are some that will have several panels to heat your body better. On average, these vests would have five heating panels. The panels will be placed around the collar, lower and upper backs, and pockets or chest areas.

So, go for a heated vest that can give you the best heating experience and help you keep warm for longer.

Temperature Adjustments

The best heated vest for hunting needs to offer you multiple temperature options when it comes to their heating capabilities.

There are some that can have up to five temperature settings to choose from. Most of them would have three namely low, medium, and high settings. So, you would be able to choose the best temperature setting depending on how cold it is outdoors when hunting.

You also want to check out the different heating technology so that you end up with the best heated vest. There are some models that might take too long to heat. You need something that heats up fast and can maintain its temperature within the selected range.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity can also not be ignored. The battery capacity will determine how long you can keep yourself warm. Also, the temperature setting will determine the battery life of a heated vest.

If you run the heated vest on the highest temperature for too long, then it is expected that it would drain the battery faster. However, you still need a model that has the best battery life to ensure you get more hours out of the heated vest keeping yourself warm.


Since you are wearing something that generates heat, you would want to ensure that you get something safe too. As such, consider the safety associated with the best heated vest for hunting. Most vests would come with the overheat protection module. This module will ensure that you end up with a vest that remains comfortable and safe each time you use it even at high temperatures. There will be no risks of getting burned.

Top 5 Best Heated Vests for Hunting

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: PROSmart Heated Vest Polar Fleece for Men and Women

Product Name: PROSmart Heated Vest Polar Fleece for Men and Women

Product Description: If you are going to enjoy your hunting time, then you need the best heated vest too. This one is designed to heated the various body parts to keep you warm for longer. This vest will heat the upper back, lower back, chest, and collar. As such, you should find yourself having the best warmth when hunting in the cold areas. You will like the vest even more because it comes with three levels of heating. They include low, medium, and high. It comes down to what you feel is great for you to enjoy the heating. As for the temperature setting, you can adjust from 40 degrees C to 60 degrees C. Because of its temperature versatility, the vest is also versatile regarding where you can use it. Some people will use it for winter running, motorcycle, camping, hiking, and much more. The manufacturer uses high quality fleece material to make this heated vest for hunting. Also, it features anti-static and heat preservation material to keep you warm for longer. Since it is also soft, you should find it being a comfortable vest to wear for longer. The vest is also machine washable. This will make it easier to clean the vest so that you always have something clean the next time you head out hunting.

Availability: InStock

  • Portable
  • Compatible
  • Usability
  • Quality
  • Safety


This vest comes with a 10000mah battery that should be great for heating for a long time. This should make it an ideal vest for all those who are in the market for a great heated vest. Depending on the temperature setting, the battery can last from 4 hours to 10 hours. It should then be an ideal choice for keeping you warm the whole day.


✔️It is made to be durable

✔️It is machine washable for ease of cleaning

✔️Impressive battery life


❌It takes time to warm up the first time

Runner’s Up

ARRIS Heated Vest Size Adjustable Vest for Hiking

To be the best heated vest for hunting, this vest comes with an impressive battery capacity. With a battery capacity of 7200mah, it can last you for hours when using the vest for hunting in cold areas.

The manufacturer made it more versatile by making it to have 8 heating panels. These panels are important for making sure that you end up with the best temperature depending on your needs. Also, the panels allow for you to heat specific areas better than what you get with other models.

This vest comes with 5 temperature controls making it easier to heat within the right temperature range depending on your needs. The temperature can be adjusted from 40 degrees C to 80 degrees C. Many people should find this being a great to use more often as it will give them the best heating experience.

Other than giving you the best warmth during hunting, this type of vest is also good for promoting blood circulation, relieving pain in the muscles, and many other outdoor activities.

The manufacturer made it to have a thermal protection module. Each time it overheats, the module will stop the heating activity until the panels are back to standard temperature. As such, you will always be protected.

  • It has a thermal protection module
  • Impressive battery life
  • It has 8 heating panels
  • It is pricey for a heated vest

ORORO Men’s Lightweight Heated Vest

This best heated vest for hunting is liked for having the best design. You can get the best size depending on what fits you better. You simply have to check out the different size options available to make up your mind.

It is lightweight meaning you would not feel it being a burden each time you wear it. You will also like it for offering you unrestricted movement. There is no doubt you would enjoy using the vest more often even if it is not hunting.

You can also keep your body and hands warm thanks to having up to 4 carbon fiber heating elements. These elements are placed on the collar, mid back, and the pocket section to give your hands more warmth together with the core.

The vest has up to three heating settings to choose from. With a simple push of a button, you can adjust from one setting to another.

The other reason for getting this heated vest is that it takes a short time to warm up. In just a few seconds, you will notice that your vest is warm and ready for use. It must be the reason many enjoy using it more often.

It also comes with a USB port for charging the smartphones.

  • It is highly versatile
  • Impressive temperature range available
  • It is good for all occasions
  • It could use heating panels on the chest area

PKSTONE Heated Vest with USB Charging

This is another top choice as the best heated vest for hunting for women. As much as it is good for hunting, we also find it being quite the stylish heated vest that you will enjoy using more often.

Other than using it for hunting, the same vest can be used for casual wear. This is because many people would want to have a great vest to keep themselves warm. Other people will use the same for golfing, camping, hiking, skiing, and more. So long as the weather is chilly, get yourself this heated vest.

Another reason to go for this product is that it is skin-friendly. The use of lightweight cotton material and Lycra ensures that you end up with the best comfortable wear. There is no doubt you are going to have a great time using this heated vest more often.

The manufacturer made this to have 5 pieces of panels for heating the different areas around the body. The result is that you end up with the best heating performance on overall. Other than keeping you warm, it will also help promote blood circulation and further relieving any muscle pains.

You can also adjust the temperature settings better since there are three levels on overall. The temperature can vary from 40 degrees C to 70 degrees C. You can easily adjust the temperature to suit your heating needs.

  • Impressive heating capability
  • It is a safe heating vest
  • It comes with 5 heating zones
  • The battery capacity is not the best

Fushionsea Electric Heated Jacket for Men and Vest

This is another best heated vest for hunting you can get for the money. The best part is that this jacket is affordable. Even with its affordability, the vest is made using high quality materials. The manufacturer uses lightweight memory cotton and Lycra too to ensure you end up a soft and comfortable vest to wear more often.

The vest comes with physiotherapy function important for making sure that you enjoy more heating depending on your needs. Having up to 5 heating panels means that majority of the body parts are covered so that you can maintain your temperature even better.

You also have the option of adjusting the heat up to three different levels. Its smart heating system allows you to change the heating capability from low to high depending on how chilly it is outdoors.

The model comes in five sizes so that you can choose the best size depending on your needs. As such, you can always find something that fits you better.

Many people will also find it being lightweight and portable. It is a nice choice to replace those heavy clothes when you can use a heated vest to deal with all the chilliness.

  • It is quite a versatile heated vest
  • It comes with 5 heating zones
  • The vest comes in five sizes
  • A few complaints about the care for this vest


Should you use heated vests more often?

There is nothing wrong with using the heated vests more often. If you live in cold areas, these vests can be great for blood circulation. As such, you end up being even healthier. They can also supplement the body warmth to keep you comfortable.

Are the best heated vests for hunting safe?

They are generally because most of them would come with an overheat protection. This is to ensure that you get the best protection you need to avoid getting burned if the heating elements get too hot.

How do you clean the heated vests?

These vests are easy to clean even without removing the heating panels. Some are designed to be washing machine friendly. If you are unsure how to clean such vests, make sure that you follow the manufacturer instructions always.


Getting yourself the best heated vest for hunting goes a long way to ensure that you always get to warm yourself whenever the weather is chilly outdoors. Depending on the type of vest that you pick, you can still use it for various applications other than hunting. The same vest will also be great for muscle pain relief and promoting better blood circulation. Always consider what other people say about the heated vest so that you get the best one for the money.