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3 Best Gloves for Bow Hunting to Keep Your Hands Dry

As the hunting season nears, every hunter is beefing up their toolkit. For those who are bow hunters, the right gloves will make a big difference. Hunting gloves offer better grip and protection for your hands as you pinch and pull the string. It will also prevent moisture from ruining your aim and affecting your shot. If you’re in the market for the best option, these three best gloves for bow hunting are excellent contenders:

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SITKA Gear Coldfront
GTX Hunting Gloves
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SITKA Gear Fanatic
Whitetail Optifade Gloves
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ScentLok Full Season
Bow Gloves
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Benefits of using bow hunting gloves

Bow hunting gloves are made for a reason. If you’re getting started to this new method of hunting, the following benefit will help you decide if you need a pair of gloves:

  • Grip. One of the main perks of using bow hunting gloves is to improve your grip. It prevents sweat from making the string slippery. This ensures excellent shots all the time.
  • Protection. The string of a bow will soon scrape your skin and form callouses. To prevent this, you need a pair of bow hunting gloves. This will ensure that your hands are in tip-top shape on the field.
  • Warmth. Most of the open season coincides with the winter season. With this, a pair of gloves will come handy to keep your hands warm and dry. The last thing you want is a shaky hand while you aim for prey.
  • Style. Many hunters spend a lot of time and money to get the stylish gears they can find. This will keep you picture-ready and confident on every aim.
  • Concealment. One of the biggest benefits of hunting gloves is to hide your skin. It lets your hand blend with the environment. This will prevent you from driving your prey away.

3 Best Gloves for Bow Hunting


OUR TOP PICK: SITKA Gear Coldfront GTX Hunting Gloves
best gloves for bow hunting

Product Name: SITKA Gear Coldfront GTX Hunting Gloves

Product Description: If you're looking for the best gloves for bow hunting to keep your hands dry, you should consider the SITKA Gear Coldfront GTX. This one has a GORE-TEX laminate that makes this pair waterproof while staying breathable. Moreover, this has a seamless knit liner that reduces the bulk while keeping your hands warm. It also offers excellent dexterity without any seams that may get in the way of the bowstring. Aside from that, this has Pittard's Oiltac leather palms for the best grip. It also adds warmth to your hands while protecting your skin from scratches and cuts. This gives you the best control over your bow at all times. These bowhunting gloves also have adjustable closure cuffs to prevent wind and moisture from entering. It also traps body heat so your fingers will remain toasty even on long hours of hunting.

Offer price: $$$

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  • Concealment
  • Protection
  • Grip
  • Fit
  • Value for Money


This is paired with Primaloft Technology that uses ultra-fine fibers for insulation. Aside from that, this SITKA gloves boast of the Polygiene Odor Control Technology. This neutralizes odor buildup using antimicrobial silver salt infused on the material.

I also like the pull tab on the middle finger that makes it easy to remove the gloves. Each one also has small buckles to keep the pair together.

Whether you’re up for a big game, waterfowl, whitetail, or any prey, this pair of gloves will not disappoint. This is hunter-approved and guaranteed to provide the best performance.


Very warm and dry

Polygiene Odor Control Technology

GORE-TEX laminate


Not for shooting


SITKA Gear Fanatic Whitetail Optifade Camo Gloves

best gloves for bow hunting

For those who are looking for a half-finger design, the SITKA Gear Fanatic Whitetail Optifade. It’s made of four-way polyester fabric that offers the right balance between dexterity and warmth. And since the thumb and index fingers are open halfway, you can easily check your phone without taking the gloves off.

Moreover, these gloves have a durable water-repellent DWR finish that resists moisture. This is paired with GORE Optifade concealment to confuse the vision of deer. It’s designed for whitetail hunters in an elevated position.

These gloves also have leather pull tabs, so it’s easy to put on and off. It’s a very versatile pair, thanks to its Mid-Season Whitetail System. This pair remains comfortable as you go deeper into the hunting season.

Overall, these gloves offer decent warmth and toptnotch dexterity. It also prevents wind from getting into your skin, but it’s not suitable for subzero temperatures since it has open fingers.

These gloves are quite thin, but for a good reason. It gives you optimal dexterity so you can move stealthily and aim your bow without being heard by your prey.

For those with large hands, sizing up might be a great choice. It doesn’t have much elasticity, so slipping a tubby hand inside will prove challenging.

  • GORE Optifade concealment design
  • Half-finger design on thumb and index fingers
  • Whitetail system design
  • Thin and not very elastic

ScentLok Full Season Bow Gloves

For those who are on a budget, the ScentLock Full Season Bow Gloves are good options. It has carbon alloy technology that offers topnotch odor adsorption. It wicks sweat and moisture, so your hands remain dry during bow hunting.

Moreover, this has a silicone palm grip so you can hold your bow firmly. Its interior also keeps the skin warm even at low temperatures. It utilizes a micro-fleece lining to keep your warm, dry, and comfy all day long.

Aside from that, ScentLok has touch tech fingertips that allow you to use your phone without pulling the gloves off. The gloves itself are treated with zeolite concealed between the fabric layers to prevent odor and moisture buildup.

This is a very grippy pair and a perfect choice for those who use a wrist release bow. The fabric has some slip to it, which makes it very easy to put on and off. Also, it will not snag the bow’s string, so each shot is smooth and right on target.

However, the ScentLok isn’t made for subzero temperatures. If you’re from the south, this wouldn’t be a problem at all. It’s a little thicker than I expected, but it works well and exactly as advertised.

  • Carbon alloy technology
  • Touch tech finger
  • Silicone palm grip
  • Not for a full season on places that experiences a lot of snow

How to choose bow hunting gloves

When shopping for the best gloves for bow hunting, you should consider the following points:

✔️Full finger vs. half-finger vs. three finger

One of the first things you should think of is whether you need a full finger or half-finger gloves.

For full finger gloves, you’ll receive the best protection and warmth. It’s perfect as full season gear and protection on harsh weather conditions. However, it will limit your phone use and some level of dexterity.

On the other hand, half-finger hunting gloves offer dexterity. However, it will reduce the level of protection against subzero temperatures. Also, it will expose your finger to the potential of scratches and cuts.

Another option that you have is a three-finger glove. It’s usually made of leather and used by traditional archers. This is useful, but if we’re talking about snowy weather, this will not offer any level of insulation. Anyway, it’s useful for those who aren’t bothered by the cold temperature.

In the end, it depends on your needs and preference as well as the hunting conditions in your area.


Bow hunting is all about concealing your presence as much as you can. Hunters use animal urine spray, camo bibs, and other items to trick the prey. One of the most important components here are hunting gloves. You shouldn’t forget about your hands since it will be highly visible as you aim for your target.


Whatever glove you’re buying, the fit will be a deal-breaker. Make sure that the bow hunting gloves have an excellent fit. When we say fit, you should be able to move your fingers and grip things without feeling too strained. A poorly fitting pair of gloves won’t just affect your dexterity, it will hurt your hands and make it hard for you to shoot your target.

When shopping for bow hunting gloves, it’s important to take hand measurements. You should also check the individual sizing chart of the seller to get the right pair.


The grip of your hunting gloves plays a critical role in achieving the perfect shot. It should allow you to hold your bow firmly as you take aim. Also, the fingertips should hold the string well without releasing prematurely.

Most hunting gloves have leather palms to resist moisture, punctures, and cuts. Others use silicone grips for a lighter and cheaper option.


The hunting season will prove challenging as the snow accumulates. This also means that your hands and feet will be chilly and shaky. To prevent this, look for a pair of hunting gloves with a decent layer of insulation. You may want to steer clear of thick options since it will compromise your dexterity.

Most hunting gloves have GORE-TEX finish and fleece to trap heat. This allows the glove to remain thin and lightweight for your convenience.

✔️Seamless design

If you’re buying bow hunting gloves, make sure that the seams are inside. Seams that are stitched outside will snag the line and deflect your shot. This is a bummer if you’re seconds away from securing a prey. Although this is just a small detail, it will make a big difference in your hunting performance.

✔️Odor control

As much as the hunting season could be chilly, it doesn’t mean your hands will not get stinky. Hours of hunting also means sweaty palms and exposure to different substances. All of these will harbor bacterial growth and make your hands smell.

The key here is moisture control. Your hunting gloves should repel moisture and wick sweat to prevent odor buildup. Some pairs even have special carbon technology to neutralize any moisture or odor on your gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use any glove for bow hunting?

A: Bow hunting is a sport of skill, precision, and patience. You should use the right pair of gloves to ensure that every aim and shot is directed toward your prey. Unlike other gloves, those made for bow hunting have specific features to keep your hands safe. It also removes any friction that may slow down or deflect your arrow.

Q: Will bow hunting gloves affect my hand dexterity?

A: Bow hunting gloves are designed with dexterity in mind. If you’re worried about finger mobility, you should ensure that the gloves have the right size. The material thickness will also affect how easy it will be to move your hands and grip things.

Q: How do I keep my fingers warm on bow hunting gloves?

A: To keep your fingers dry while hunting, you should look for a waterproof pair of bow hunting gloves. You can also wear a liner to prevent moisture and cold air from getting into your skin. It also helps if you will have a warm drink or heat packs to keep your fingers warm while you’re waiting for prey.

Q: At what temperatures are hunting gloves needed?

A: Grip aside, bow hunting gloves are ideal at temperatures below -10C. This is freezing temperature and will affect your grip and concentration. You also stand the chance of experiencing frostbite, something that every hunter dreads.

Q: Will silk gloves keep my hands warm while hunting?

A: Silk lining is smooth and comfortable to wear. However, it’s not the best option if you’re hunting on a subzero temperature. The cold temperature can easily get through the silk material and your skin. It’s best to look for waterproof and warmer options for bow hunting.

Final words

The best gloves for bow hunting will protect your hands while ensuring that you’ll make a perfect aim. It’s not just a form of vanity, but an indispensable gear that will make a big difference in your hunting experience. Just make sure that you get the right fit, material, design, and moisture control.

What do you think of these bow hunting gloves? Have you used any of it before? Let us know below!