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7 Best Ski Helmets for Toddlers – SAFETY First!

Skiing is a fun outdoor activity for the family. But if you have a toddler in tow, you have to observe more caution to prevent injuries and accidents. You should get the best ski helmets for toddlers to ensure that your little one is well-protected before s/he plays with the snow. Below, I reviewed 7 of the best options in the market that provide ample protection for your kid’s head:

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Uvex Junior Visor
Pro Ski Helmet
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Anon Define BOA
Ski Helmet
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Wildhorn Spire Ski
Helmet for Kids
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Kids Ski Helmet
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Lucky Bums Doodlebug
Toddler Ski Helmet
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Odoland Snow Ski
Helmet for Kids
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Helmet for Kids
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Why ski helmets are necessary for toddlers

While your young one will not hop on ski and glide away, you still have to put the kiddo on a ski helmet. You’ll never know when a skier will lose control and come crushing to your direction. It’s a must for everyone in the ski zone to wear protective gear at all times to prevent serious injuries.

Head injuries are deadly, and it’s the last thing you’d want your child to acquire during your ski trip. This could be prevented with a helmet that will cushion the force and to avoid head trauma.

Aside from shielding your toddler’s head from blunt force, ski helmets also offer warmth. Unlike other helmets, those made for skiing have a padded lining that traps body heat. It’s also soft and very comfortable to wear.

Moreover, ski helmets are sometimes bundled with visors or goggles to keep the sunlight out of the eyes. As you know, it can be blinding when sunlight hits the white snow.

Starting your child young in wearing helmets is a good example. This will teach your kid the importance of safety when going to ski trips.

7 Best Ski Helmets for Toddlers


OUR TOP PICK: Uvex Junior Visor Pro Ski Helmet
best ski helmets for toddlers

Product Name: Uvex Junior Visor Pro Ski Helmet

Product Description: If you're looking for the best ski helmets for toddlers, you'll never go wrong with the Uvex Junior Visor Pro Ski Helmet. It has a molded shell material with EPS foam as a cushion. It's soft and comfortable to wear while spending time on the ski resort. Aside from that, this has ventilation slots to keep your toddler comfy. The fit is also adjustable, and it already comes with a built-in visor. It's total protection, complete with thick ear pads to shield the little ears from the freezing temperature. For cleaning, the ear pads and lining can be removed. It also has an IAS fitting system as well as a monomatic closing system for the best fit. The helmet is also matte and stylish for kids.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Level of Protection
  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Fit System
  • Ventilation
  • Padding and Lining


However, note that your toddler can’t wear large eyeglasses underneath the visors. Other than that, this is a comfortable and protective helmet. This is made for topnotch protection to prevent injuries.

I also like that it has an anti-allergenic liner that’s suitable for toddlers who have sensitive skin. The Lasergold lite visor has excellent clarity so your toddler can see around clearly. It also suits most prescription glasses for toddlers.

Although the price range is much higher than other options, it’s worth the splurge for topnotch protection for your child. Overall, this is an excellent option if you’re planning to bring your toddler to frequent ski trips.


Soft padding and lining

Equipped with a Lasergold lite visor

Fitted with ear pads


The helmet size tends to large a bit small than usual


Anon Define BOA Ski Helmet

best ski helmets for toddlers

Another ski helmet I swear by for toddlers is the Anon Define BOA. This is made with a classic fleece liner and a solid Endura outer shell.  It offers comfort and safety at the same time, which is the perfect pair for ski trips.

Moreover, this has Fidlock features so you can easily put on and lock in the helmet. It uses a magnetic snap buckle that you can operate with one hand.

Aside from that, this Anon ski helmet comes with built-in goggles designed to fit most prescription glasses. Your little one can see clearly without the need to remove his or her eyeglasses.

This helmet has two ventilation slots at the back of the head, which allows moisture to escape the lining. Still, this helmet remains warm to wear, not to mention that it’s super-secure due to its 180-degree BOA fit system.

Aside from that, this ski helmet has ear pads and a soft liner to keep kids comfortable. You will also receive a microfleece tote bag to secure the helmet.

Overall, this ski helmet for kids is 535 grams and just the right weight for protection and sturdiness. I just want to advise about the sizing as it tends to run smaller. See to it that you measure your child’s head circumference properly. If your toddler has a head that’s larger than other kids, you should consider sizing up.

  • Built-in goggles
  • BOA fit system
  • Solid Endura shell
  • Runs smaller than most ski helmets for kids

Wildhorn Spire Ski Helmet for Kids

best ski helmets for toddlers

If your toddler prefers separate goggles, you’ll never go wrong with the Wildhorn Spire Ski Helmet. It’s made with an in-mold construction for adult-level protection for kids. It also has a dual fit system so you can customize the fit to suit your little one.

To keep your toddler comfortable, the Wildhorn Spire has ventilation channels to let fresh air in and moisture out. The ventilation channels also keep the googles strap in place even as your toddler moves around.

Moreover, this ski helmet for kids has 100% UV protection as well as a plush insulated liner. It’s soft and gentle to the skin. To top that, this helmet is light without compromising the level of durability and protection.

Aside from the helmet, you will also receive strapped goggles that go well with the helmet. The goggles are fog-free and provide the best visibility. Toddlers can also wear prescription glasses underneath it. The goggles itself use a 57% VLT lens that remains clear in both sunny and cloudy conditions.

To complete the protection, this helmet has ear pads and an ASTM-certified fit system. It suits kids age 3 to 8 years old who want to try skiing for the first time.

The bonus part here is that the Wildhorn ski helmet comes in different colors to suit your child’s preference. The strap of the goggles also matches the shell color of the helmet.

  • Adult-level protection
  • 57% VLT goggles
  • ASTM-certified
  • The goggle lens must be handled with care since it’s a little brittle

LANOVA GEAR Kids Ski Helmet

best ski helmets for toddlers

If you already have a separate pair of goggles for your toddler, I recommend that you check the LANOVA GEAR Kids Ski Helmet. Its external shell is made of ABS material that can withstand impact. This is reinforced with an EPS material for added protection.

Moreover, this has an adjustable size using a special dial to achieve the best fit. This will also make the helmet comfortable for your toddler. It also has a visor that will prevent sunlight from hitting directly to your child’s eyes.

Inside the helmet, there’s a soft plush lining and chin pad suitable for sensitive skin. The soft velvet inner layer is also removable for separate washing.

Aside from that, this comes with a goggles loop, although you’d have to purchase the goggles separately. This will prevent the goggles from falling off or getting lost in the ski resort.

This ski helmet is compliant with EN1077 safety standards. It’s also available in three different sizes ranging from 50 to 61 cm. You’ll also receive a bag to store the helmet when not in use.

Overall, this is a well-built helmet with soft padding. I’ve tried this on my son, and the goggles held up pretty well despite him running around. It fits well on kids’ heads, which is precisely what we’re looking for our toddler.

For this price range, I’m quite surprised by the quality of this ski helmet. It’s a total steal, not to mention that it’s also available in adult sizes.

  • Compliant with EN1077 safety standards
  • Reinforced ABS shell with EPS material
  • Built-in goggles loop
  • A bit large for kids with small heads

Lucky Bums Doodlebug Toddler Ski Helmet

best ski helmets for toddlers

The Lucky Bums Toddler Ski Helmet is durable protective equipment. It has a solid mold shell with an EPS liner for impact absorption and comfort.

For toddlers, this helmet is made lightweight without compromising the level of protection. It has padded chin and ear pads to protect against the cold weather and other harsh elements.

The Doodlebug model has a doodle design on the shell, except for the black colors. Your toddler will surely love wearing it during your ski trip.

To adjust the fit of the helmet, simply use the dial at the back of the head. This is made for 100% protection of your child. If you’re not happy with the helmet’s quality, you can reach out to Lucky Bums, and they will resolve the issue.

Moreover, this CE-certified ski helmet fits toddlers around 2 years old pretty well. Just make sure that you take measurements of your child’s head to get the right fit.

Overall, this is lightweight and will not strain your toddler’s neck. It’s also available in different colors and sizes to suit kids as young as one year old. This is also pretty affordable as compared to other options I reviewed here.

  • Adjustable dial for a perfect fit
  • CE-certified helmet
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • So far so good!

Odoland Snow Ski Helmet for Kids

For a combination of goggles and helmet, I recommend the Odoland Snow Ski Set. This has a polycarbonate shell with 12 air vent holes to keep your toddler comfortable throughout your ski trip.  Its Flow-Tech venting design also reduces the fogging of the goggles for the best visibility.

As for the goggles, your toddler will enjoy 20% VLT with an S2 level of perspective. It’s suitable for cloudy and sunny conditions, not to mention that it has full UV protection. The goggles also sport an adjustable band so it will remain in place even as your toddler moves around.

I really like the fixing button at the back of the helmet that prevents the goggles from moving around. This makes the helmet suitable for almost any snow sports, in case you’re planning to bring your toddler with you.

Inside the helmet, there are three layers of sponge to cushion the impact. It also makes the helmet comfortable to wear and gentle to the skin.

Aside from the Odoland helmet, you’ll also receive goggles, a storage bag, and a user manual. This helmet is light and will not strain your toddler, even if you’re skiing for long hours. If your kid has a bald head or thin hair, this helmet will keep it warm the entire time.

  • Flow-Tech ventilation design
  • Three layers of sponge
  • Fixing button for the goggles
  • Not for very young kids

GROTTICO Ski Helmet for Kids

My last recommendation for this roundup is the GROTTICO Ski Helmet. It’s the perfect choice if you’re on a budget and looking for a reliable gear for your child. This is available in three different sizes that range from 50 to 61 cm, so it suits both kids and adults.

Inside the helmet, there’s a plush liner made of soft foam. It also has a removable fleece lining for easy washing. While it allows ventilation, it still keeps the head warm during subzero conditions. This boasts 13 ventilation holes.

It also boasts an ABS shell with a detachable visor to suit your child’s preference. There’s also an additional EPS material to reinforce the main shell. At the back, there’s an adjustment dial.

Overall, this helmet meets EUR and US standards for safety. It’s also a great choice if you want to get ski helmets for the entire family, thanks to its wide range of sizes.

Aside from the helmet, you will also get a storage bag and a user manual. You’ll have to purchase the goggles separately, which is not a biggie considering this helmet’s price.

The GROTTICO helmet is well-made and affordable. If you’re just going for recreational skiing with your toddler, this helmet will provide ample protection.

  • Compliant with EUR and US standards
  • Suitable for both adult and kids
  • Adjustment dial for goggles
  • No goggles included

How to choose ski helmets for toddlers

When shopping for the best ski helmets for toddlers, you must consider the following points:

✔️Helmet size

The first thing you should check is the size of the helmet. You have to ensure that the gear will fit properly on your toddler’s head.

To get the right size, you must measure the circumference of your child’s head. Usually, helmet sizes are available in small (50 to 54 cm), medium (55 to 58 cm), and large (58 to 61 cm). Small sizes are the usual choice for toddlers and youth.

Proper sizing will impact how efficient the helmet will be in protecting your child’s head. Too big and it will fall off; too small, and it will hurt your child’s head.


The construction of the ski helmet refers to how the shell is made. It’s either in-mold or injection-mold.

With in-mold helmet construction, the shell and the shock-absorbing foam are bound together in a single molding process. This construction is much lighter and sleeker than the injection-molded shells.

On the other hand, injection-molded helmets have an EPS foam that’s bonded separately on the shell. This construction offers more durability but will weigh a little bit more than in-mold helmets.


The next thing you should check is the ventilation of the ski helmet. While this may sound counterintuitive for subzero temperatures, the ventilation actually makes the helmet more comfortable. This will ensure that your toddler will like to wear the helmet for extended periods.

The ventilation channels will also add grip to the goggle strap. It will also wick moisture so it wouldn’t form a bad smell on your child’s head.

✔️Padding and lining

The padding and lining of the ski helmet are more than just for comfort. Sure thing, it keeps the helmet gentle to the scalp, but the lining also adds a cushioning layer in the event of an impact. It prevents the hard shell from hurting the head.

Most ski helmets for toddlers use EPS, which is similar to Styrofoam. It’s excellent in absorbing impact and cushioning hard falls.

Aside from that, many toddler ski helmets have a removable fleece lining for added comfort and warmth.

✔️Ear pads

Ear pads are very important as the cold temperature can easily freeze the little ears of your child. Look for ear pads with soft material that will keep your child’s ears toasty. It’s also added protection against scratches and cuts.

✔️Fit system

The ski helmet’s fit system is a very important component since it dictates how efficient it will be. Adjustable fit systems utilize a dial at the back of the helmet to achieve the best fit. This works both for the goggles and the strap system of the helmet.

An adjustable fit ensures that the helmet is snug all the time. This is very important for toddlers with fairly small and softer heads.

Some high-end ski helmets used by professionals have an Air Fit technology. This uses a headband inside the shell to tweak the fit. It uses air pressure and a touch button for swift adjustments.

✔️Safety rating

Last but not the least, you should check the safety rating of the ski helmet you’re planning to buy for your child. The gold standard in the United States is the ASTM or American Society of Testing and Materials.

For Europe, it would be the Common European Norm or CEN. Both of these standards ensure that the ski helmet is at par with the snow activity’s protection level.

Many ski resorts will also require specific safety standards compliance if you’re planning to bring your own gear. It’s best to check this part to prevent any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I give my toddler a bike helmet for skiing?

A: No, bike helmets are only made for minor impact. Skiing requires better protection, not to mention that the helmets made for it are padded and insulated. For your child’s safety, I recommend investing in a sturdy ski helmet made for toddlers. You’ll thank yourself for getting a helmet in the event that your child suffers a bad fall on a ski trip.

Q: Is it safe for a toddler to go on a ski trip?

A: It’s not safe to bring very young kids on a ski trip without proper supervision. Some ski resorts will also require a child to be at least three years old for them to be granted entry. If you’re planning to bring your toddler on a skip trip, it’s important to get a short private lesson to prepare the child. Also, never let your toddler slide on the snow on its own.

Q: When can toddlers start skiing?

A: A child can start skiing at three or four with proper lessons and guidance. Some parents expose their child to the activity at 10 months old. However, your toddler shouldn’t be involved in any serious ski activity. Also, it depends on your child’s physical build if it can handle the demands of the ski environment.

Q: How do you ski with a toddler?

A: When skiing with a toddler, you must get the appropriate equipment. Get the smallest skis you can find as well as protective gear to layer up your toddler. You should also use a gripper harness to keep you connected to your child. Also, go slow and don’t slide on steep slopes where you stand the chance of falling.

Q: When should kids start using ski poles?

A: Kids should not start using ski poles until they are 6 or 7. Younger kids should be under the supervision of their guardian through gripper harnesses. It’s important to teach and supervise kids at all times, regardless if they are using ski poles or not.

Final words

The best ski helmets for toddlers will not just protect your child, but it will also make the ski trip more enjoyable for him or her. It’s an indispensable piece of equipment that can save lives. If you’re looking for the best pick, our top 7 picks here won’t disappoint.