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Best Watch for Hunting and Fishing: 5 Tough Picks for Outdoor Use

Outdoor activities always require that you have the right tools to make the experience better. It comes down to how you prepare for your trip. It is why we recommend that you consider the best watch for hunting and fishing as part of your hunting and fishing trip.

There are several watch options in the market, however, not all of them are good for outdoor use. You will then need something strong, durable, water resistant as so much more. We will look at the buying tips to keep in mind so that you always buy the best watch.

Watch BrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS Check Price
Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch Check Price
Suunto Traverse Alpha Check Price
Smith & Wesson Men’s Military Watch Check Price
Casio Men’s SGW300HB-3AVCF Multi-Function Sport Watch Check Price

How to Choose the Best Watch for Hunting and Fishing


If you are in the market for the best watch for hunting and fishing, it would be nice if you got one that has navigation options.

This means that the watch needs to have a compass or GPS that will aid with navigating the various terrains. Depending on the model, some come with the best navigation tools making them easier to use them outdoors.

The other important additional features include barometer, temperature gauge, calendar, altimeter, and much more.


Considering that you will be using the watch outdoors more often, consider its ruggedness. The last thing you want is a watch that will start to break down after the exposure to outdoor elements.

Look at how the manufacturer has constructed the watch and the materials used. This will always give you an idea of how good the watch is made for the outdoors.

The watch should also be water resistant. The water resistance feature often varies from one watch to another. Make sure that you get the right one depending on your needs.


It is always nice to have a watch that fits properly. It is why you need to consider the adjustability of your watch. Look at the wrist strap to see if it will accommodate your hand. Also, what are the adjustment options to make it fit?

Another thing you will have to consider is the material used to make the wrist straps. Some of the common materials are rubber, metal, and nylon. Metal is often not everyone’s choice as sometimes the metal can irritate your skin. So, get the watch with a strap material that feels comfortable too.

Size and Weight

The size and weight are other important considerations. These two can determine the comfort of the watch that you wear. The last thing you want when looking for the best watch for hunting and fishing is one that would be too heavy. We recommend that you get a watch that is lightweight and will not interfere with your outdoor adventures.

The Battery

You can never forget about the battery that you get with a device. The battery needs to be impressive considering you might have to be outdoors for long. It thus needs to work for days where possible. This is even when you turn on the power-hungry features such as the GPS or LED lights.

Top 5 Best Watches for Hunting and Fishing

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

Product Name: Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

Product Description: Garmin as a brand has been making some of the best watches for various applications. Their watches can be used for outdoors, offices, skiing, or any other application you might think of today. For this model, it stands out for its design and overall functionality. It is why it can come in handy for hunting and fishing. The model is rugged and built to withstand the outdoor conditions. This is all thanks to the build quality that comes with the model. It can stand up to various thermal exposure, shock, and remains water resistant up to 100 meters. The watch comes with a 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter. To make it better, the manufacturer includes a GPS system in the model. This ensures that you can always track your movements with ease. Getting lost is unlikely when you have the best GPS too. Other than helping you find your way around various locations, the watch can monitor your heart rate, stress, and activity levels. It must be why it is also advisable to use the watch for training. The battery life is up to 14 days. This is good for those who are looking for a watch with great battery life. It is worth noting that the battery life quickly drops when you turn on the GPS mode. It will now last for 16 hours only.

  • Rugged
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Ease of use


The watch is all about giving you the best value for money at this point. Many people will find it being an ideal choice for hunting and fishing as it is built to be rugged. It will then always withstand the tough outdoor environments.

The manufacturer also made the watch to be water resistant up to 100 meters. The result is that you now have a good watch for fishing. Since it also has the GPS feature, it will be easy to always find your way back home even while deep into the forest hunting.


✔️It is easy to setup and use

✔️The GPS is quite impressive in performance

✔️It is highly versatile with its many features


❌It is pricey for most people

Runner’s Up

Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch

If the Garmin model above seemed too expensive, then this is quite the bargain to get for yourself. To be the best watch for hunting and fishing, the manufacturer made it to have several important features you will need while outdoors.

These features include the altimeter important for tracking your vertical movement. There is the barometer that gives you information about the trend in air pressure. We cannot forget the compass that helps you with the direction.

The watch is still good at tracking the weather and sun for you. Its weather alarm system has up to 400 locations preset in the watch. From the weather conditions of different areas, you can always know how well to plan your activities.

The stylish design makes it good for many people who want something different. Just because it is a watch you would be using for hunting and fishing; it does not have to be boring.

The watch also feels rugged and sturdy in the hand. It must be the reason you see many people going for it knowing that it can help them get the best watch for the money.

  • It is built for outdoor use
  • It has several important outdoor features
  • The watch has a stylish design
  • There are limited color options

Suunto Traverse Alpha

This is another Suunto watch on the list. It shows how the brand is good at making the best watch for hunting and fishing. This watch is generally rugged from its design and feel in the hand. It also features knurled stainless-steel bezel and a durable water repellent nylon strap. There is no doubt you will find this being a durable watch to own.

The Suunto’s automatic shot detection technology is something worth mentioning too. This is because it can keep track of when and where you shoot. There is no doubt hunters would want to keep such information for future use. This is mostly done by GPS mapping. Yes, the watch has GPS too as part of its features.

The GPS is always a nice feature to have in such an outdoors watch. It will always track your path so that you can easily find your way back thanks to the automatic breadcrumb trail. You will also notice that it is compatible with the Suunto Movescount App. This is an important app you should have on your smartphone to pair up with your watch to use it for various applications.

There is also the moon phase calendar mode. The aim of this mode is to help you determine the best times for hunting and fishing. Always make sure to care for the watch correctly as instructed by the manufacturer if you want it to last for longer.

  • The watch is rugged for outdoor use
  • It can track the best times for hunting and fishing
  • The GPS functionality is impressive
  • You get limited strap materials

Smith & Wesson Men’s Military Watch

Not all watches for outdoor use have to be expensive. This best watch for hunting and fishing is the cheapest on the list. Being the cheapest does not mean that it will not work great when you need it. Looking at the various positive reviews about the watch, it is easy to say that it stands out for being high quality even for the price.

To make it good for fishing, the watch is water resistant up to 30 meters. So, in case you drop it accidentally in the water, you simply pick it up and wear it again. Just don’t go deep diving in the water because of its water resistance performance.

The manufacturer made it to be better with its scratch resistant hardened mineral glass. The glass will be better at protecting the dial of the watch and its internals. Even if you tend to use it more often during your outdoor adventures, it should always be easy to find it a great watch to own.

The watch has the precision quartz Japanese movement. This makes it a reliable watch especially if you are going to be outdoors for long. The interchangeable straps make it possible to switch from one strap to another depending on what you like. The strap colors are black, olive drab, and tan.

  • It is a sturdy watch
  • The straps are interchangeable
  • The quartz movement makes it reliable
  • Some wish it had GPS

Casio Men’s SGW300HB-3AVCF Multi-Function Sport Watch

Even if you are new to buying watches, the chances are you must have heard of the Casio brand. This brand has been at the helm of making the best watches and other electronics for decades now. With all that experience, we expect this best watch for hunting and fishing will be great for you get right now.

Looking at its overall design, the watch stands out for being rugged. It comes with multiple displays to help give you all the information that you need to handle your outdoor activities. Some of the displayed information includes altimeter, barometer, and so much more.

The watch is water resistant for up to 100 meters. For such a performance, the watch would be ideal for snorkeling and swimming. However, do not use it for scuba diving. That might need a watch with more water resistance performance.

The watch also has some impressive weather reporting feature depending on where you are. You can always plan if you know the area is going to be cloudy or not. There is also the LED light on the watch. This light will improve your visibility and illumination when it starts to get dark while you are hunting or fishing. As such, it is a versatile sport watch.

  • The watch is rugged for outdoor use
  • The overall design makes it durable
  • It offers impressive water resistance
  • It is not the best for scuba diving even if it is water resistant


Are fishing and hunting watches expensive?

This varies a lot from one brand to another. Some can be expensive while others can be affordable. It comes down to which one you choose. The type and number of features will determine the price.

Are Garmin watches good for hunting?

Yes. Just make sure that the watch you get is designed for the tough outdoor conditions. The Garmin watches are likely to have great outdoor features to improve your hunting and fishing experience.

Is it worth relying on the compass in the outdoor watches?

These watches are built around making your outdoors life better. It is why you can always trust their compass. You can still have a backup old school compass for comparison.


The best watch for hunting and fishing will make sure that you enjoy the outdoors. This is because the watch would have additional impressive features you need for the best survival. Some of them include GPS to track your movement, the weather details to plan your day, water resistance, and more. Well, make sure that you always get the best watch from the list above if you have hopes of enjoying the outdoors.