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How to Make Coffee While Camping without Fire – Guide 2020

Drinking caffeine liquid on the tent is actually relaxing after the cold night. However, how do you get a sip if no heat is available around? Well, we have here schemes and strategies on how to make coffee while camping without fire. Check all the possible alternative options that you may consider in case there is really no heat available on site.

Simple Tips on How to Make Coffee While Camping Without Fire

Actually, countless strategies and tricks on how to make coffee while camping without fire. You are generally able to choose the following options in drinking caffeine liquid without any heat around which may vary on the setting, taste buds, and budget.

Incite and freeze

Basically, the simplest scheme on how to make coffee while camping without fire is to do your caffeine drink ahead of time. Since you have already decided to bivouac, you just need to set the caffeine liquid a day before your bivouacking. Afterwards, refrigerate or freeze the set caffeine drink. Place it on a secured glass or tumbler and bring it on the tent. Once you’re there, you can simply add milk and drink it.

Keep it on the thermos

Another strategy on how to make coffee while camping without fire is to store the caffeine liquid that you set at home in a thermos. This is actually a short term option which can keep your caffeine drink hot even for a few hours. However, if the black liquid is still inside the thermos for overnight, you can still have a lukewarm caffeine drink the next day at the encampment.

how to make coffee while camping without fire

Get help from a coffee machine

If ever no available heat is really around in the encampment, one alternative on how to make a coffee while camping without fire is to utilize the regular coffee machine. Heating up water in this device is not a problem as it can also do the said job. Once boiled, put the water in the caffeine seed slowly and filter it using the machine.


This device is an innovative type of coffee machine. It generally brews within a period of 15 minutes and it also includes a filter that is actually reusable. If you are more after convenience, this caffeine drink producing device is a perfect match for you when you want to do the scheme on how to make coffee while camping without fire. Simply connect the coffee machine to the car’s lighter socket.

  • Setting cups of caffeine using this device can generally take some time to give you a sip as the lighter socket only operates on very low power. In case you like caffeine drink using this device on a faster rate, it is advisable that you may opt for a model that directly connects to the battery port.
  • Moreover, if you do not want a drip set coffee, you can basically use the battery of the car for heating the water.

Different Ways on Heating Water in Order to Make Coffee While Camping without Fire

Caffeine drink is generally extracted through the use of hot water or the traditional method of setting this black drink. However, if you are bivouacking and no heat around at all, is there any way to heat water in order for you to incite a deliciously tasting caffeine drink?

Actually, there are numerous options and natural water sources that you can use during your bivouacking so that you can also have water for heating. Yet, it is safe if you carry with you treated water sourced from your home. In case it does not work for you, consider using potable water from the encampment. If you opt for natural water, keep in mind that it is not totally guaranteed clean.

Moreover, do not forget to treat the water that you will be using for inciting the caffeine liquid while camping without fire. Basically, it is better if you choose running water than a stagnant one if possible. It is also ideal if you opt for clear water instead of cloudy water. Generally, keep in mind that the safest way to treat the water is by boiling it.

Alternative Schemes of Boiling Water without Fire or Heat

Generally, the foremost step in order to heat water that you need in inciting caffeine drink at the tent should be highly related to your situation into the encampment. Aside from that, the tools that you have on-hand may also offer a big impact on heating up the water.

Basically, boiling water using the flame is always hype, yet it is actually more dangerous compared to using a range or other alternative options. Moreover, the use of electricity in heating up the water is generally easier and faster. But, you tend to have rare access to electricity if you are on the encampment especially when you are in a remote area.

Aside from that, it is also very important to utilize everything that you have carried along with you on the tent or utilizing everything that surrounds you during that time. This applies true on utilizing your RV’s outlet in order to heat up water to have a deliciously tasting caffeine drink. It is actually both convenient and inconvenient at your end especially if your car is far from the campsite.  

Actually, here are some of the things to heat water for you to do the steps on how to make coffee while camping without fire:

Electric Kettle

In case you are bivouacking on a site that does not have heat sources but with electrical hookups, the foremost alternative option to heat water on how to make coffee while camping without fire is through the use of the electric kettle. This appliance has the ability to heat the water in a generally faster rate compared on an old-style kettle over a range.

how to make coffee while camping without fire

Luckily, the latest models of electric kettles available in the market feature different settings. It includes the heating of water using various temperatures. Moreover, it can also help to maintain the warmness of the water.

Internal Flame Kettle

The internal flame kettle is basically a helpful device on how to make coffee while camping without fire. This type of kettle basically carries a tiny fire within the inside part of it. Due to this, there will be more generated heat that will then be transferred to the water. The water will actually boil faster during this phase.

In case you are on a windy or rainy area, boiling water would actually be possibly easier in order to proceed with the inciting of caffeine drink on the campsite. This kettle basically works with the use of twigs and leaves that are small enough rather than using fuel. Generally, the internal flame kettle is a product of choice by most camping minimalists who want to travel comfortably.

Jetboil Stove Setup

Unlike any other water boiling devices, the Jetboil Stove Setup can heat water at a very fast rate of about 100 seconds. This is another product that is very famous for most backpackers and campers due to its compactness and versatility. In case your purpose is mainly to boil water, this Jetboil Stove Setup can quickly and efficiently do that task. However, this product is somehow expensive compared to other water boiling options.

Electric Casserole

Another option to boil water if you opt to do the method on how to make coffee while camping without fire is to use an electric casserole. Actually, this is somehow similar to that of the electric kettle. In case heat is not available at all but electricity is present, you can boil water and inciting caffeine drink without fire through an electric casserole.

Like any other product, there are various types of electric casseroles available to boil water which may include the multi-cookers. However, most encampments do not have a power source as well. So, using an electric casserole may not be the versatile choice here. Yet, if you have an RV near the tent or a generator, this might be good.  

Charcoal Grill

In case no heat is present around, one alternative on how to make coffee while camping without fire is to use any kind of grill like the charcoal grill. Most encampments usually have small grills for charcoal. And it may really help if you have an old-style water casserole or kettle. Simply lit the charcoal and put the water casserole or kettle over it and basically wait for the water to heat up.

Flameless Ration Heater

Basically, this is an odd scheme to boil water in inciting coffee while bivouacking without fire. Yet, in order for the ration heater to heat up water, it basically reaches high temperatures. Alternatively, it can warm the water for some purposes.

Moreover, the Flameless Ration Heater utilizes a chemical reaction once the water is added. However, there are also other models that do not have the ability to heat water in a warm state. Yet, they can definitely be used to heat the water up.

Tin Can

Generally, the use of tin can is not highly recommendable to boil water when you opt to incite caffeine drink on the encampment. Yet, in case of an emergency situation, a tin can may be an alternative to boil water.

Make use of the sun

Way back history, and even on today’s time, the sun’s rays have been helpful in many ways. Aside from generating power for the purpose of boiling water, the sun’s rays could also directly boil the water. One helpful alternative on how to make coffee while camping without fire is through the use of the solar-powered kettle.

This kettle generally uses the UV rays and concentrates it in boiling the water that is within the kettle. However, the drawback of using this method is that it basically requires about two hours boiling the water and inciting the caffeine drink during your camping without the source of heat. Moreover, the rate of boiling highly depends on the intensity of the sun during the day.

How to Make a Coffee While Camping Without Fire – Do the Cold Brew

Actually, the options on boiling water as part of the process on how to make coffee while camping without fire are generally numerous. However, in case, all of those alternatives are still not available, the last resort would be cold brewing. Caffeine drink on cold water is typically the new trend now.

Moreover, an excellent thing about cold brew is that it only requires the caffeine product itself and the recipient. Simply steep the caffeine seed within 12 hours through cold water and decant it afterwards. A cold brew will definitely give you a deliciously tasting cup even during your bivouacking. Yet, the only drawback is the long period of the brewing process.

Below is a detailed step-by-step procedure on how to make coffee while camping without fire by doing the cold brew:


  • Caffeine seeds –1 oz.
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Convert units

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Basically, grind the caffeine seeds to about medium to coarse size.
  2. Eventually, put the ground caffeine seeds into a jar with water. You can also use a French press or cold brew coffee machine.
  3. Moreover, stir the ground caffeine seeds and water mixture. Afterwards, cover the jar.
  4. Put the covered jar into the refrigerator for at least 12 to 24 hours. Ideally, 24 hours is the standard time for this step.
  5. After the 24 hours in the refrigerator, filter the liquid using a strainer or you can press down the plunger in the French press in case you use it.
  6. Finally, serve the cold brew caffeine drink as you prefer. You can dilute it or if you want, you can also mix it with other ingredients.

Final Thoughts

There are actually numbers of schemes and strategies on how to make coffee while camping without fire. You could generally use any other available devices or appliances to successfully incite caffeine drink on the encampment without any heat available. One foremost solution for this concern especially if all else does not succeed is to do a cold brew. Moreover, following those techniques and the proper way of preparing a cold brew will definitely give you a delicious tasting cup.