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3 of the Safest Space Heater for RV

Camping out and resting on a tent for a good night sleep is really exciting and fun. However, when you plan to camp and rest inside your RV is another part of a story. Yet, just like sleeping inside a tent on a cold night, you also need to warm up your RV for a more comfortable camping experience. We have here the list of the safest space heater for RV that you may consider buying.

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As we go along, we will also share some helpful ways on how to make your RV warm all throughout the day and even on an overnight stay. Aside from that, we also have here the things that you must have to consider before you grab a space heater to warm up your RV. So, let’s check them out below!

Ways to Warm Up Your RV

One basic way of warming or heating up an RV is through the incorporation of a furnace into it. The said furnace is also a safe and easiest device to warm up the entire camper. Moreover, it can also maintain the temperature of the entire RV all over the day or overnight.

Although, this is so far the easiest and basic method to warm up an RV, there are still few that are not fond of using it. For them, a furnace is inefficient in doing its job and very bulky that it eats up too much space. The following is a list of safest space heater for RV that can help to warm it up. They can basically work in conjunction with the furnace or totally replace it.  

Ceramic Space Heater

Generally, the ceramic space heaters may uniquely address your safety concerns when it comes to heating up your RV. It works efficiently and excellently maintains the warmth of a small area.

Catalytic Propane Heater

The distinct thing about this heater is that it twists the other complicated technicalities in heating up the RV without the use of a flame or dangerous gases that can be found on other types of propane heaters. This type of propane heaters basically works quietly and efficiently. Moreover, it is very portable and offers fixed warmth to keep you very comfy.

Moreover, the propane heater is a great option if you plan to bivouac on an area without any electrical hook-up. The good thing is, the latest models are very safe for indoor use which means that this heater type is the safest space heater for RV. Other versions come up with built-in fan for the purpose of circulating the air.

Actually, there are various propane heaters available in the market today. There are some that can basically operate 2-one pound propane tanks. This will generally heat up an area to about 450 square feet through a three heating set-up. In addition, you may also find other propane heaters that contain an oxygen depletion sensor and other safety features like the automatic shut-off timer.

So, if you are looking for a supplementation device for your RV’s built-in furnace or if you want to completely replace it, well, a propane heater is the best option. Basically, older and smaller models of RVs do not have a built-in furnace. That’s why a small catalytic propane heater can perfectly fit itself.  

Heat Pumps

Actually, the heat pumps are also efficient as it can generally provide two to four times the heat which can also save you money at the same time. But, the only drawback is that it does not have the ability to manage the freezing temperature that much. This type of RV heater is a good choice for winter camping in the mild west coast or during spring and fall.

Radiant Electrical Heating

Generally, the radiant electrical heating operates by having heated floorings so that everybody inside can be kept warm and comfortable. It generally works by consistently giving off heat quietly. The radiant heater actually does not warm up the room as fast as other heaters but when it does, the room will maintain its temperature consistently. However, these electrical heating panels underneath the floor is not as effective as other methods, it is usually luxurious.

There are some portable space heaters that basically provide radiant heat. Some have tall and sleek features that have an oil-filled design. While there are others that have a very low energy draw. The radiant electrical heater can warm up an area of about 40 square feet approximately.

What to Look for When Buying the Safest Space Heater for RV?

Space heaters are another heating device in which its purchase needs extra caution. Well, like any other heating devices looking for the safest space heater for RV entails several factors to consider. So, prior to your buying, just check out the following important features below:

1. Safety Features

Generally, the most important features to consider when buying this kind of product is safety. Always bear in mind that a heating device and any other heating system is very susceptible to hazardous potentials. This actually applies true for space heaters for RVs. Most likely, the safety features must be your top priority. That’s why it is actually better to choose a product that already has built-in features like overheat and tip-over protection, fuel valve closure or carbon monoxide sensor.

2. Cost

Another important feature that you must have to consider before buying the safest space heater for RV is its price. Actually, heaters that come with various features may be too expensive. And, it comes to a point that the amount of the heating capacity is actually not equal with the value of money that you will have to pay. Basically, for RVs, it is not necessary to spend big bucks just for a heater. There are portable space heaters that cost around $22 to $500 which vary on the brand and features.

3. Fuel Consumption

When it comes to space heaters for RV, fuel consumption must be taken with consideration. This is most likely true when using gas or propane heaters. Before using, it is actually important to know the heater’s running hours so that it won’t leave you in the middle of the night. You can actually ask the seller for this or you may compute it for yourself.

4. Durability

Actually, during the winter season, heaters are very much in demand and their workload highly increases. That’s why it is also very important to consider the durability of the heater. In fact, you really do not want to buy a device that immediately drops dead after a few usages. In terms of durability, it is really crucial to check for the solid construction of the heater and the warranty provided by the company.  

Top 3 Safest Space Heater for RV

OUR TOP PICK: Mr. Heater Indoor Safe Portable Heater

Product Name: Mr. Heater Indoor Safe Portable Heater

Product Description: If you are looking for the safest space heater for RV that is a portable heating piece, then you could never go wrong with Mr. Heater Indoor Safe Portable Heater. Its size is generally compact which is great in warming up a big, spacious area. You can also carry it easily and can even place inside the backpack due to its lightweight feature. Moreover, Mr. Heater Indoor Safe Portable Heater can basically save you and every campers and backpackers on below-zero temperature during cold weather like winter. This safest space heater for RV efficiently operates as it consumes 20 pounds tank within 100 hours of continuous operation. However, it does not have a great temperature setting as it can totally get hot during the night.

Availability: InStock

  • Ease of Installation
  • Safety Feature
  • Heat Output
  • Quality
  • Durability


Mr. Heater Indoor Safe Portable Heater is the safest space heater for RV of choice to warm you up during the night. Due to its incredible features which include the automatic shut-off, this space heater is almost 100% efficient in doing its task. Moreover, its foldable handle makes it the best buy due to its portability.

Product Specifications:

  • Heat Settings:  2-Heat
  • Heating Area:  225 sq.ft.
  • Dimensions:  7.7 x 13.4 x 15 inches
  • Weight:  7.71 lb
  • Timer:  N/A


  • Huge heating area

  • Comfortable handle for ease of transport

  • Compact size which is ideal for camping


  • High temperature may get hot overnight


Dr Infrared Moveable Space Heater

safest space heater for RV

Generally, the Dr Infrared Moveable Space Heater is the safest space heater for RV that has a complete noise-less feature. Even on a high-temperature, this space heater can still do its job in a quiet manner. The structure is actually sturdy which is made up solidly and has an authentic wooden cabinet design.

One great feature of the Dr Infrared Moveable Space Heater is the wheels that it has which make it easy for this item to relocate. Moreover, it has a big control panel for ease of operation. Another thing is that it also features an automatic energy-saving function and double heat settings.

The Dr Infrared Moveable Space Heater has the ability to warm up big space through its high and low energy-saving feature. In terms of protection, it has coverings for both the tip-over and overheats. Additionally, this safest space heater for RV features infrared quartz tube and PTC which shuts-off automatically after 12 hours.

Other feature that makes it an excellent one is its IR remote control that can handle high pressure. It also has a low noise blower which produces a noise level of about 39 dB. This is actually a bonus as this noise level is actually super quiet.   

Product Specifications:

  • Heat Settings:  2-Heat
  • Heating Area:  1000 sq.ft.
  • Dimensions:  15 x 12 x 16 inches
  • Weight:  24 lb
  • Timer: Automatic shut-off
  • Generally quiet
  • Firm structure
  • Sleek wooden design
  • Affordable
  • Not accurate heating area


If you want a quiet and safest space heater for RV, then this Dr Infrared Moveable Space Heater is an excellent choice, especially during winter. Its design having a sleek wooden style compliments well in its high-quality performance.

Lasko Digital Tower Heater

safest space heater for RV

Lasko Digital Tower Heater belongs to the list of the safest space heater for RV due to its ceramic material that entails various safety features. This includes an accurate thermostat that can be programmed plus a timer set on an 8-hour basis. Aside from that, the remote control comes in an electronic feature and digital display.

The construction of the Lasko Digital Tower Heater is generally sturdy yet few materials come from cheap plastic. Moreover, this safest space heater for RV can warm up a small RV with just less than a minute. And due to its excellent oscillation, the Lasko Digital Tower Heater has the ability to immediately take off the chill.

Basically, this space heater is generally lightweight even if it appears bulky. Additionally, for the purpose of easy transport, Lasko Digital Tower Heater comes with a good handle. Besides, the operation of this safest space heater for RV runs soundlessly and durably. It generally provides comfortable warmth through its 1500 watts which are listed on ETL.

Product Specifications:

  • Heat Settings:  2 Quiet Settings
  • Heating Area:  150 sq.ft.
  • Dimensions:  72 x 7.7 x 29.4 inches
  • Weight: 9.55 lb
  • Timer:  8-hour basis
  • Well-distributed oscillation
  • With carry handle for ease of transport
  • Durable
  • Fast warming up mechanism
  • Contains cheap plastic materials


What makes Lasko Digital Tower Heater a great one is its control board that comes in a digital set-up having a programmable thermostat. Aside from that, the Lasko Digital Tower Heater is the safest space heater for RV due to its ceramic component that includes a built-in safety mechanism. Generally, this space heater provides a cosy look and a very homely quick-fix for cold days inside the RV in which the sleek appearance compliments well with its excellent performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Generally, using an RV for camping restricts you from electric hook-up sources. Knowing this, a space heater of propane type is the best choice for this. Most models of this type of space heater operate in an amazing way. And the newest ones can be recognized as the safest space heater for RV.


A: RV furnaces do not work based on electricity especially when onboard. Meanwhile, the one that works with electricity is the HVAC system of the RV where the heater is located. And, in case, you plan to add up an extra heat inside your RV, you can select from the wide range of selections of electric heaters available in the market today.


A: Actually, there may be times that you can opt to keep the RV plugged in at all times. However, doing this can result to draining of the water levels of the wet-cell battery generally fast. That’s why it is very important to check on this from time to time if you plan to camp on an RV.


A: Basically, when you use an RV heater, you cannot able to use up nearly about 50% of the lead acid battery capacity which can provide 100 amp hours of usage. Usually, a regular blower fan utilizes 8 amp hours. So, if there is no other ways to draw down the batteries, generally expect that the safest space heater for RV to operate for around 12.5 hours.


A: Actually, letting your RV battery sits on the camper onboard during winter may result in damage in a short-term and long-term basis. With this, you may generally want to take out the RV battery from it during the off-season. The process primarily begins with turning off the direct power source of the RV through a disconnect switch.

Final Thoughts

The safest space heater for RV basically supplements the regular furnace that is already built-in inside the RV in providing warmth to the camper. Moreover, you could also choose to entirely replace the furnace with the available space heaters. There are actually different types of space heaters that you could choose from which also entails various designs. Additionally, buying this product comes with some factors to consider like the safety features, cost, durability, fuel consumption and other features that come with it.

In addition to that, in terms of space heaters, purchasing a high-quality product is actually a good option of investment that could run for a long time period. Instead of buying a cheap heater, it is actually good to put your money on a space heater that maintains its durability over a long time.