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Best Ski Helmet Goggle Combo: 5 Best Options for Skiing Adventures

Snow sports are awesome. You get to experience a lot more than what you are used to as outdoor adventures. Even with these snow sports, you need the best protection. In this case, you need the best ski helmet goggle combo.

When looking for such helmet goggle combo, you are likely to come across different models in the market. What is important is that you get one that offers the best protection when skiing. We will look at more features to consider in this guide to help you choose the right set.

ProductBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set Check Price
Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet with Goggles Check Price
SKL Ski Helmet Men Women Snow Sports Helmet with Goggles Check Price
Gonex Ski Helmet with Goggles Check Price
Giro Launch CP Youth Snow Helmet with Matching Goggles Check Price

How to Choose the Best Ski Helmet Goggle Combo

Construction Type

The type of material used to make the best ski helmet goggle combo is crucial for its durability and safety. There are several construction types that you will get with different helmets. The most common is ABS, in-mold, and hybrid types.

On overall ABS helmets will have a cumbersome look and feel. The redeeming part about such helmets will be the price. You will spend a lot less on ABS helmets compared to the other types of helmets.

The in-mold and the hybrid construction types are common in mid to high-end helmets. Such helmets are built for the best durability and comfort. They will also be lightweight and good at absorbing shocks better than ABS helmets.

They are however prone to dings and dents. Such helmets will cost a lot more than the ABS helmets.


Another thing you have to consider is the ventilation of the ski helmet goggle combo. The ventilation can determine the comfort and breathability you experience with the set.

You are likely to get two options in the market. There is the adjustable and fixed ventilation. Both will have pros and cons depending on where you use them.

It can be tough to use the fixed ventilation helmets during winter when it is freezing outdoors. In such a case, you would need the adjustable ventilation.


When it comes to comfort, you will have to consider the liners and overall design of the helmet. As much as the ventilation can improve the usability of the helmet, you also need something comfortable in terms of the liner. This is what gets in touch with your skin.

Some manufacturers will use paddings to ensure that the user gets the best comfort. Just make sure that the liner is made of high-quality material. Some might be comfortable at first, but can easily get uncomfortable with time.


Whether you are buying the ski helmet for yourself or the kids, there is the need to check out its safety rating. Despite the helmets having different construction types, they will all try to meet the strict safety requirements before they can be sold.

One of the most common certifications include ASTM International, MIPS, and more. When you check out the description and you find the helmet being certified, then you can buy with confidence.


The weight is important for anyone who is looking to wear the helmet for several hours while enjoying skiing. It is easy to see that you will need something lightweight. For the ABS helmets, they are likely to weigh over 20 ounces. The in-mold and hybrid helmets will weigh 14 to 18 ounces.

Top 5 Best Ski Helmet Goggle Combo

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set

Product Name: Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set

Product Description: This is a complete helmet and goggles combo that you need for snow sports. The goggles are easily detachable so that you do not have to use them when not necessary. The set also provides you with a complete protection of your head. You can now easily use it when skating, snowboarding, and other related types of sports. The helmet and goggles are both made of premium materials. These types of materials are all about durability and the best protection all the time. Still, the helmet meets all the important safety certifications. Upon further inspection, the helmet is shockproof and penetration resistant. These are two important features for someone who might be looking to ski. Once set in position, both the helmet and goggles will remain in place so that you get the protection that you need while enjoying yourself outdoors. Another thing you will like about this combo should be the comfortable design. The helmet has 12 air vent holes. This ensures that you end up with the best ventilation. Also, these air vents will help reduce the chances of fogging so that you can clearly see out of your goggles.

Availability: InStock

  • Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Comfort
  • Sturdiness
  • Flexible


For those who are looking for the best protection when skiing, then this is a top choice to consider. The helmet and goggles are both made of strong materials to ensure you do not have injuries when you fall. Still, the model comes with a comfortable design. With the air vents present, there is better breathability in the helmet.

The adjustable band of the goggles make sure that you get secure and comfortable fit. Since the helmet is also lightweight, it should be comfortable for most people.


✔️The set has a comfortable design

✔️The set is made of premium materials

✔️Its goggles are adjustable for a secure fit


❌A few complaints about goggles durability

Runner’s Up

Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet with Goggles

If you have kids and teens who love to ski, then this will be the best ski helmet goggle combo to buy right now. Considering it is designed by avid boarders and skiers, you will end up with the best set for protecting the life of your little one when skiing.

The set is designed with reliable protection in mind. There is the in-mold construction that will give you the best protection when using it. There is also an adjustable dial so that the fit can be just right. The comfort is just right even for different head sizes and shapes.

The helmet is also ASTM certified. This means that the helmet passes all the strict requirements on helmet safety. You would be comfortable getting this set for your kids knowing they will have the best protection all the time.

The goggles are also premium. This is because they come with the 42% VLT lens. This type of lens is great for most conditions. Whether the outdoors is cloudy or sunny, you can always use this type of goggles for protection and seeing better.

The lens is also fog-resistant and scratch-resistant. You can now get more UV protection and still enjoy a non-scratch surface for outdoor use.

  • There are ventilation channels for breathability
  • It is available in multiple colors
  • It offers reliable protection
  • Not the best for adults

SKL Ski Helmet Men Women Snow Sports Helmet with Goggles

This is another best ski helmet goggle combo that you can get for the money. If you love snow sports, then this will be the best way to protect yourself. When you use this combo, you are assured of the best protection of your head. As such, you will end up having great fun enjoying sports such as skating, skiing, snowboarding, and more.

Another thing you will like is the premium material used to make this combo. The premium material is all about providing the best safety for the user. Since the helmet is both shockproof and penetration resistant, you are assured of the best protection all the time.

The ear pad and inner padding are bot detachable. The aim is to have an easy time cleaning them when the time comes. There is also the groove-structure design that will help to fit your ears into the helmet better and keep them warmer.

The helmet and goggles are both easily adjustable. The aim is to help you achieve a snug fit so that you do not end up losing your helmet when skiing. As such, you will always have the protection that you need.

  • The set is made of premium material
  • The helmet and goggles are both adjustable
  • Its ventilation system improves breathability
  • Not many colors are available

Gonex Ski Helmet with Goggles

You do not have to spend much to get the best ski helmet goggle combo. That is what you will experience with this set. It is one of the best to ensure you end up with the right protection when enjoying the snow sports.

The set is full of protective functions that will make you enjoy using the skiing sports even more. The helmet is made of in-mold polycarbonate durable hard shell. This is then combined with the absorbent EPS interior. Such construction is great for providing your head with anti-shock protection.

The goggles come with VLT 22% lens. Such lens is great for blocking UV, remain clear even in snow applications, and offer the best protection against wind.

Many users will also love the ventilation that comes with the helmet. You will get up to 12 vents that allow for proper breathability in the helmet. 6 of the vents are adjustable depending on your needs and the size that you choose.

Having the plush inner padding and soft suede chin strap makes the helmet comfortable. You can also adjust the strap so that you have the best fit depending on the head size and shape.

Being ASTM certified should make the buyers comfortable since they know that they are buying a great set that is also safe to use.

  • The set has impressive durability
  • The set is comfortable to wear
  • Its vents are great for breathability
  • The goggles tend to get cloudy

Giro Launch CP Youth Snow Helmet with Matching Goggles

The youth and kids will have a blast using this type of helmet goggle combo. The manufacturer understands what the kids might be into and that is why it comes in multiple bright colors. You can be sure that the kids will enjoy wearing their skiing helmets and goggles more often.

Other than the bright colors, the helmet is all about protection. The manufacturer made it to be durable so that it can live up to the needs of various parents. Each parent would want to get a safe helmet for their kids especially when they head out for some fun times.

You will still like this set for having the best fitting system. You simply have to dial in the custom fit so that your kid can feel secure and comfortable. The ergonomic dial can still be adjusted when using gloves.

The tuning feature is also great so that the goggles can easily fit on different head shapes and sizes. Well, you can be sure of a snug fit so that the kid has the right protection always.

The helmet still comes with great ventilation too. This allows for the hot air to escape so that the kit can feel comfortable when skiing for hours outdoors.

  • The goggles are adjustable for the right fit
  • The helmet is comfortable
  • This set can fit different head sizes and shapes
  • The lens tends to get scratched easily


Are skiing helmets goggle combos heavy?

No. Most of them would be around 18 ounces. Some will be even lower depending on the construction type. Always look at the manufacturer description to learn more about the weight.

Are skiing helmets safe to use?

Yes. Most of these helmets meet the stringent safety rules so you can be sure that the helmet you choose will be great in terms of safety. Just to be sure, look at the product description to see if it is approved in terms of safety.

Are skiing helmets comfortable for long sessions?

This will mostly depend on how the manufacturer has made the helmet. There are those that come with better liners and paddings to make them comfortable. With a bit of research, you can find the best ski helmet to suit your comfort needs.


One thing that you can never underestimate when getting the best ski helmet goggle combo is the protection. Since you will mostly be using the helmet for skiing, snowboarding, and other related sports, the right protection is crucial in case you have a fall.

You also have to keep in mind the comfort. If you are going to ski for hours, then you need something comfortable. All the models we have reviewed above are comfortable. So, you should find either of them comfortable regardless of which one you choose.