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Best Action Camera in Low Light: Top 5 Models for Outdoor Adventures

When looking to have a great time recording your outdoor adventures, a high-quality camera is essential. Luckily, you do not always have to pay too much to get one. To make it even better, you can still get the best action camera in low light for less money too. With such a camera, there is so much you can capture even if the lighting conditions are not the best.

With various options in the market, learning about the top models is important. Below is a quick summary of what you will get as the top models in this guide.

CameraBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
Campark X30 Native 4K 60FPS Action Camera Check Price
AKASO EK70000 Pro 4K Action Camera Check Price
Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera Check Price
EZVIZ 4K Action Camera with Waterproof Housing Check Price

How to Choose the Best Action Camera

The Build Quality

The build quality will determine how long you can use the camera before it comes apart. If you are someone who enjoys documenting the adventures, it is easy to see that you need a model made of high-quality material.

From the various reviews about the camera, you can learn about its durability. This will help you get the best camera that gives you the best performance for years to come.

Video Quality

The video quality is a top consideration in this age and era. People want to capture their experiences in high quality format. It is why many would now want the best action camera in low light to have 4K recording capability. This is because it leaves you with high quality videos.

As part of improving the video quality, you also need a model with electronic image stabilizer. This ensures that the videos remain smooth.

Battery Life

The battery life will determine how long you have to use the camera before recharging. Since most of the time you would be using it outdoors, then you need a model that has a better battery life. Any manufacturer with a great battery life would not hesitate to showcase it.

Ease of Use

The camera also needs to be easy to use. Look at the user interface design. Luckily, many models will have intuitive UI designs making them a lot easier to use the camera and make the right changes to the settings.

4 Top Best Action Cameras for Low Light

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Campark X30 Native 4K 60FPS Action Camera

Product Name: Campark X30 Native 4K 60FPS Action Camera

Product Description: If you like to enjoy high quality video recording, then this is a nice option to get for yourself right now. It can record in 4K UHD video making it quite a bargain for the money you are paying. You can still adjust the quality of the video depending on your needs. There is also the anti-shaking function in this action camera. This is thanks to the use of an electronic image stabilization feature. The feature comprises of 6 axis gyroscopes to ensure that you end up with a stable image regardless of how you use the action camera. If you like water activities, then this can also be a nice choice. This is because it remains waterproof up to 131 feet. There is also the lens distortion correction feature to help remove the fisheye effect while filming under water. Sharing of your videos and photos to other devices just got better. This is because it comes with built-in Wi-Fi. The intuitive touchscreen also makes it easier to change the settings easily on the go.

Availability: InStock

  • Video Quality
  • Anti-Shaking
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Versatility


The camera stands out for offering the best video quality for its price. Compared to some other similar models, you would be paying a lot just to get it. Still, the camera has the anti-shaking function to help in delivering smooth videos all the time even if you are recording in a shaky environment.

Having the option of Wi-Fi should make it easier to share your photos and videos. Within a couple of minutes, the content can be transferred from your camera to PC.


✔️It offers impressive video quality

✔️It has the anti-shaking function

✔️The camera has inbuilt Wi-Fi functionality


❌The battery life is not the best for an action camera

Runner’s Up

AKASO EK70000 Pro 4K Action Camera

This is a great option for those looking for the best action camera in low light. This is because it is designed to optimize the light conditions so that you can get the best videos and photos. So, do not let the low light conditions make you shy away from using the camera.

There is also the intuitive user interface design of the camera. You can easily make the changes to the settings so that the camera can suit your applications.

Having the IPS touch screen makes the whole process of making the changes to your settings a lot easier. Also, the IPS screen makes everything crystal clear unlike the other types of screens.

For its price, we like the fact that you can get 4K video output. This means that you can always end up with high quality videos to capture all your memories with ease. Every moment would always be captured in crisp detail and impressive clarity.

There is also the electronic image stabilization. It is all about delivering steady and smooth videos that many would want. The camera also ensures you end up with an excellent experience shooting the fast-moving objects.

The adjustable view angle is important so that you adjust it depending on your needs. The modes include super wide, wide, narrow, and medium.

  • It has multiple view angles
  • It comes with an intuitive UI design
  • The camera features an electronic image stabilization functionality
  • It lacks an SD card

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

If you are on a budget and looking for the best action camera in low light, then this can be a great choice too. One thing that stands out should be its intuitive touch screen. The touch screen makes it easier to change any settings on the camera interface.

Still, the screen is made of IPS display. This type of display is great for those who want better clarity and detail in their images and videos. The screen is also larger making it good for shooting your videos and photos.

The camera also comes with a 4X zoom capability. You should be able to zoom into your favorite part and take better shots. Since it is also 4K capable, it should make it easier to enjoy crispier and better-quality videos while recording different activities.

The best part is that it comes with an adjustable angle lens too. You can choose various wide angles to ensure that you can use this type of camera to handle different applications. The angles vary from 70 degrees to 170 degrees.

It comes with an impressive remote-control feature. This is where you can easily control the shots from a distance and take your photos and videos remotely.

  • The camera is waterproof
  • It comes with adjustable angle lens
  • The remote-control feature improves versatility
  • The battery capacity could be better

EZVIZ 4K Action Camera with Waterproof Housing

Having a battery life of two hours should appeal to most people who love taking videos on 4K mode. If you switch to lower modes, then the battery can last longer. This battery life should make it easier for you to be outdoors enjoying yourself while at the same time taking high quality videos.

Another reason to go for this best action camera in low light is its waterproof feature. It is waterproof up to 131 feet. You can now take it with you when going for a dive to capture some memories along the way.

Since it also allows for mounting, carrying it while diving is not an issue. You can now use the same for various scenarios. Such include snorkeling, skiing, skating, riding, and surfing. It is easy to see that this will be a highly versatile action camera to own today.

We included it on the list because it comes with an advanced low-light mode and WDR too. The low light mode and WDR will help in handling all these conditions and enhance the detail and clarity of the videos and photos even when it is dark.

  • It offers ultra wide angle with less distortion
  • Impressive waterproofness
  • Good battery life for the price
  • The image stabilization could be better


Can you use action cameras in water?

Yes. So long as your action camera has the waterproof feature, it is okay to use it in the water. Just make sure to take note of the depth it can remain waterproof.

Can an action camera shoot in 4K video quality?

Yes. Many new models in the market will have this kind of video shooting capability. The aim is to help you get the best video output when taking adventures outdoors.

Is it easy to operate an action camera?

In most cases, the action camera will be easy to use. It normally has a few menus to go through so it should not be hard to get to the right setting that you are looking for in the camera.


Looking at the various options in the guide above, one thing is clear, you can buy the best action camera in low light at affordable prices. As such, you do not have to worry about spending so much to get the right camera for all your outdoor fun activities. Reading more reviews about the camera can go a long way to ensure you end up with the right camera for the adventures.