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The Best Camp Chair for Big Guys (up to 800 lbs.) in 2020

Camping is all fun until you break your comfortable camp chair. That does not have to be the case if you had the best camp chair for big guys. Yes, there are several chairs designed for the big guys. These are wide chairs that can also handle more weight without a problem.

Since many people know what they weight, it would be nice to pick a camping chair that can handle your weight. The chair should also be comfortable and versatile. We will look at a buying guide for picking the best camping chair and the various top models in the market.

Camp ChairBrandExpert RatingCheck Price
ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair Check Price
Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support Check Price
Pacific Pass Champing Chair Check Price
Bushtec Adventure Store Oversized Camping Chair Check Price
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair Check Price

How to Choose the Best Camp Chair for Big Guys

The Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the camp chair is the most important consideration. There is no doubt you want a chair that can handle your weight. It is why you need to look through the product description to learn more about its weight capacity.

For a big guy, we recommend that you choose a chair that has a minimum weight capacity of 400 lbs. Such a chair would have the capacity to hold you even better.


As much as the weight capacity is good, you also have to consider the size. This is where you need a camp chair that you can fit in easily. Having a good chair that is small does not serve you any good. So, always consider the size too.


The overall comfort varies from one chair to another. Look at the features the manufacturer has used to make the chair comfortable. Most of them would use padding in different areas to make it a comfortable chair.


The good thing about camp chairs is that they can fold easily. So, look at the amount of space the chair takes to determine its portability when camping. Another thing would be its weight. As much as it is supposed to be strong, it also needs to be lightweight to improve portability.

Top 5 Best Camp Chairs for Big Guys

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair

Product Name: ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair

Product Description: This is a common choice for those who might be looking for a camp chair good for big guys. The chair is oversized to make it good on overall in terms of accommodating the big people easily. The folding chair size is 25.20 x 39.37 x 39.37 inches. It should be good for fitting more people without necessarily having to worry about the space being too tight. The manufacturer made it to be good in terms of seating area too. The large seat area is lined with 600 x 300D padded fabric. This ensures that you get the best comfort while using the chair. The armrest is also padded to further improve the comfort of using the camp chair. The model has an impressive maximum loading capacity of 450 lbs. This stands out a good weight capacity compared to what you might get with other models in the market. To make it possible to handle the weight, the camp chair comes with a heavy-duty steel frame. The frame is further powder coated to prevent corrosion considering you might have to use it outdoors more often. This chair boasts of having several storage spaces you can utilize easily. You will find it having the durable mesh cup holder important for holding your drinks while outdoors. There are also the side pockets important for holding cell phones, notebooks, and so much more. Most people find it being an easily portable camp chair to own. This is because it can easily fold in seconds when it is time to go. As for the setup process, you will find it being simple too.

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  • Strong
  • Sturdy
  • Quality
  • Weight capacity
  • Portability


Anyone who is in the market for the best camp chair for big guys will find this being a great option. It stands out for being portable and compact for ease of storage. Once folded, it weighs 13.2 lbs., which should not be too much for most people to carry it around.

The model comes with a strong frame construction important to hold more weight. Its weight capacity is 450 lbs. Even if you are large, there is no doubt the camp chair would hold your weight with ease. The model also comes with an oversized seating area so that the large people can fit comfortably.


✔️It has an impressive loading capacity

✔️The model comes with extra storage spaces

✔️The chair is comfortable


❌It could use more color options for the fabric

Runner’s Up

Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support

This is the best camp chair for big guys because of its weight capacity. The manufacturer made it to have a weight capacity of 400 lbs. This is good for those who might be heavier. They will not have worries that the chair can easily break while sitting on it. To make it strong to handle such weight, this camping chair comes with strong steel frames.

Even if it has to be strong, we also have to look at its comfort. To make it good for outdoor use, the manufacturer has further padded the seating area. It is not just the seat, but also the back. As such, anyone who will be using the camping chair will feel comfortable even if means using it for hours.

Another reason for going for this camp chair is that it comes with an adjustable lumbar support. Its back has an alignment strap important for supporting your back while resting on the chair. The strap is also easily adjustable so that you can find it being comfortable. With more lumbar support, there is no doubt you will be comfortable using the camp chair.

The model comes with an impressive outdoor 600D quality material. This is the kind of material that would not easily tear up when used in the tough outdoor conditions. You will also like that it has a built-in cooler bag and cup holder. This is something that will always appeal to those that might be new to using camp chairs.

  • It has multiple storage spaces
  • The lumbar support is easily adjustable
  • The model comes with a padded design
  • The foam padding quickly wears off

Pacific Pass Champing Chair

It is hard to go wrong with this best camp chair for big guys thanks to its build quality. The manufacturer uses durable material so that it is not something you have to worry about. The manufacturer uses high quality polyester that also makes the chair comfortable. As for the weight capacity, it will support weights up to 400 lbs. This means that even the big guys will not have a problem using it.

The chair is also easy to carry thanks to the design. You can easily collapse or open the chair depending on the use. Do not let the other camping chairs discourage you when this one is easy to use. When it is folded, the chair does not take up a lot of space. It should be more reason it appeals to a lot more people.

The chair is also found to be comfortable and convenient. The model comes with a scientific structure design. The aim is to leave you with a chair that is good for your back and big enough for adults to fit in it. Folding it up is not a problem whenever you decide to use this camp chair. There are also large pockets on the size and a cup holder for the best storage.

The camp chair stands out for being quite versatile. It is made to be great for other outdoor activities you might have to attend. Such include camping, travelling, fishing, or even watching sporting events. It must be why it is quite popular right now.

  • It is made of a durable material
  • Many people find it easy to carry
  • It is a comfortable camping chair
  • The cup holder is far too low for its location

Bushtec Adventure Store Oversized Camping Chair

The best camp chair for big guys is one that can withstand the heavy weight put on it. For this model, that is not an issue since its load capacity is 440 lbs. This is better than what you get with some models in the same price range. The manufacturer also uses steel frame to further improve its performance in terms of holding the weight.

There is also the use of a double shock absorber spring system. The aim is to make the camping chair good in terms of holding your weight even better. It might be why you get more people using it as it feels comfortable and it will not break easily.

It is not just about the chair being able to hold your weight, but also remain comfortable. To make it a comfortable camping chair, we see that it comes with extra padding in different areas for added comfort. Even if you decide to use it more often, it should be quite a comfortable camping chair.

The chair can quickly fold into a smaller size so that you can carry it around with ease. This is something many people want to get for their camping chair. Since it can be compact, finding space for it in your RV for camping is not an issue. You will always have a great time using it on your camping trails.

  • The canvas is extremely durable
  • Cleaning the fabric is easy
  • The size is good to accommodate big guys easily
  • The chair is heavy

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

When looking for the best camp chair for big guys, this should always be on your list. This is because of its weight capacity. This chair has an impressive weight capacity of 800 lbs. Comparing to the other chairs above, you should find this one being quite heavy duty to handle such weight. Even you think you are too big, there is a chair for you too out here.

The trick to making the chair hold such weight lies in the frame construction. The manufacturer uses sturdy powder-coated steel frame. This kind of frame is good for those who might be in the market for something stable and comfortable. You can say it is comfortable because of the 600D polyester fabric.

To further improve on your comfort, the armrests are also adjustable. You can now have them at a level that works for you. There are multiple side pockets and cup holders to provide you with the best storage you have always wanted.

There is also the convenient shoulder carry bag. Once the chair is folded, simply put it in the bag and carry it around easily. The manufacturer also made it versatile as the chair can be good for many other outdoor activities.

  • It is easily adjustable
  • It offers impressive weight capacity
  • The bag comes in a convenient carry bag
  • Some feel its overall comfort could be better


What is the weight capacity of the best camp chair for big guys?

The weight capacity varies a lot from one model to another. We recommend that you get a chair with a minimum weight capacity of 400 lbs. if you are looking for a chair that can hold more weight.

Are camp chairs comfortable?

It will depend on the various measures the manufacturer has taken to make the chair comfortable. This mostly includes padding of the sitting area of the chair so that it is comfortable. The same can be done for the backrest.

Are camp chairs portable?

Even if you buy the best camp chair for big guys, the chances are it will be comfortable. That is not something to worry about as they are designed to collapse into a smaller package for carrying them around.


The best part about picking the right camp chair is that you can relax without expecting it to breakdown easily. It is why we recommend that you get yourself the best camp chair for big guys after going through the guide above. With the various models reviewed above, it is possible to find one that can hold your weight. This is because there are some that can hold up to 800 lbs. That is quite an impressive weight capacity.